Grand Champion Steer ‘Bob Marley' Auctioned

Winning steer Bob Marley gets a new home

Bob Marley, the 2015 Grand Champion Steer, was auctioned off for $240,000 this morning.

"I was just trying to set him up and make him stand still so people could see him. I was kinda nervous, but I was excited too," said original owner Madilyn Priesmeyer. Madilyn is a high school senior from Round Rock, TX, and has shown steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show for ten years. None of her entries have made it as far as her Bob Marley.

Richard and Louis Hall are from Fort Worth, and say they have attended many shows, but they have never bid until now.

"As soon as we saw him, we knew that he was the one. And we were gonna walk away with him come hell or high water, " said Richard Hall.

The Halls donated Bob Marley to the Fort Worth zoo where he will live out the rest of his life.

The huge purse will go toward Madilyn's college tuition, she says. She hopes to attend Texas State University. She says some of the money may also go toward the purchase of another steer for her younger brother.

It's the third time her family has been on the podium. Her dad, Edward,  won with a steer in 1986.

His sister won two years later.

"Back then the money wasn't as big," said Edward Priesmeyer. "In '86,  it was $30,000, and my sister won $35,000 in 1988."

"I'm still in shock that it was that much money," said Madilyn.

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