EF-3, EF-4 Tornadoes Hit Cleburne, Granbury

EF-4 tornadoes have wind speeds between 160 mph and 200 mph

NBC 5 News

The National Weather Service says the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Granbury and Cleburne Wednesday, were an EF-4 and an EF-3, respectively.

Granbury's EF-4 between tornado had wind speeds between 160 and 200 mph while Cleburne's EF-3 had wind speeds between 136 mph and 165 mph.

The EF rating determines the strength of a tornado by assessing the damage caused.  From the damage,  the wind speeds and EF-rating are determined. The highest rating on the EF scale is an EF-5.

Preliminary estimates suggest as many as 10 tornadoes touched down across North Texas Wednesday night in Hood, Johnson and Ellis counties.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said he hoped the death toll from the tornado would hold at six, with as many as 100 people injured and 250 people left homeless in Hood County.  Additionally, seven people remain missing after the storm.

In Cleburne, the NWS said the most significant damage occurred east of Lake Cleburne.

At this time, officials are determining ratings and confirmations of other tornadoes, including whether damage done in Ellis County was the result of a tornado or straight-line winds.

As the NWS releases more information regarding the strength of Wednesday night's tornadoes, it will be added to this page.

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