Gov. Greg Abbott: “Job No. 1 Is to Reduce Property Taxes”

Abbott has served as the 48th Governor of Texas since January 2015

Governor Greg Abbott spoke at the 2018 Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio Friday morning.

Afterwards, he talked with NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine, and The Dallas Morning News political reporter Gromer Jeffers.

We asked what he thinks the legislative priorities should be next session.

"Listen, both the Republican party, but candidly Texans have been clear. They want their property taxes reduced, so job number one is to reduce property taxes," said Abbott.

Abbott, has been pushing for the federal government to do more when it comes to securing Texas border.

The legislature allocated more than $800 million for border security during the last session.

We asked him about what is happening now on the border, with families being separated trying to enter the U.S.

"We are always going to be plagued with challenges with complications with issues on the border, unless and until Congress steps up and passes immigration reform and fully funds border security," said Abbott. "And the two go hand in hand and so this is Congress’s responsibility. They have talked a whole lot about, it is now time to take action."

We asked his reaction to families being separated.

"Well, listen, this is horrible and it rips everybody’s heart apart about what is going on. The president actually was talking about it this morning, even he was ripped apart about what is going on. He was adamant, he said listen, if the Democrats would agree with him right now, they could pass a law today that would end the ripping apart of these families, and make the border secure," said Abbott.

Abbott is in the middle of his campaign for his second term. He has more than $40 million in his war chest, and the latest poll shows him with a comfortable lead against former Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

Abbott tells us he plans to campaign hard.

"I am running more than just to win. I am running to make sure Texas values are withheld," said Abbott.

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