Government Wants to Make It Easier to Pay Off Student Loan Debt

More than 40 million people have student loan debt, and about 20 percent of them have defaulted on their loans. So the government wants to make it easier for people to pay off their debt.

More than a year ago, President Barack Obama signed a Student Aid Bill of Rights which lets people pay less when they don't earn a lot, and more when they start making more money. But the General Accounting Office found most students in default don't even know about the program.

"Your servicer should be enrolling you into a plan that you can pay a small percentage of your income," said Rohit Chopra with the Center for American Progress.  "This will help you avoid ruining your credit and prevent a default. This is absolutely critical if you want to stay on top of paying your student loans."

The federal government hopes to sign up two million more people with student debt into the pay-as-you-earn program by this time next year.

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