Gov. Perry Signs Eminent Domain Bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill today that asks voters to amend the state constitution by limiting government's ability to take private property using eminent domain authority.
In a ceremony in front of the Alamo, Perry said land ownership has long been essential to the state's way of life. He noted that many fighters of the famed 1836 battle thought they'd be rewarded with land for their service to the Republic of Texas.
If approved in November, the constitutional amendment would prohibit government officials from taking property and giving it to a private developer to boost the tax base.
The current proposal would prevent local governments from using eminent domain to hand the property over to a developer for tax base growth, but it would still allow them to take blighted properties.

Afterward, the sling wearing Perry took a picture with a child in the crowd who was also wearing a sling. The photo was posted on Twitter.

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