Good Samaritans Help Return Texas Emu to Owners

Texas deputies and some good Samaritans have helped return a domesticated one-eyed emu to its owners.

The Bryan College-Station Eagle reports the large bird believed to be named Elliott was discovered Wednesday afternoon near Kurten. Mariann Balcar and her mother discovered the bird wandering near the road.

Worried for its wellbeing, the women used bread and vanilla wafers to lure the emu to safety. The rescuers used a hog trap to capture the emu until county animal control deputies located the bird's owners.

Balcar says the emu was tame, friendly and laid in her lap.

Sgt. Kris Fraley with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office says the bird belong to a family that has raised it since it was little. He called emu sightings a rare occasion in the area.

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