Good Samaritan Finds Toddler Walking Along Texas 121 Early Friday Morning

Child was unharmed; CPS takes custody and is working with the child's family

NBC 5 News

A driver in Grapevine stopped to call police early Friday morning after spotting a toddler walking along Texas 121.

Grapevine police said they were called at about 4:30 a.m. by a driver who said they were headed southbound on 121 near Hall-Johnson Road when they noticed a child, approximately 2-years-old, walking along the highway's shoulder.

The driver stopped, called 911 and stayed with the child until police arrived. Officers arrived a short time later and confirmed the child was unharmed but added that the child was not able to give a name or home address.

Police said there were no children reported missing at the time, so they began checking nearby neighborhoods to try to find the child's parents. When they didn't have any luck, the child was turned over to Texas Child Protective Services.

About three hours later, police were able to locate the child's parents. The child's family is now working with CPS to determine what happens next.

Grapevine police are working with CPS and the case is still under investigation. Police have not said how the child came to be out of the home and waking along the highway.

Grapevine police thanked the good Samaritan for not only stopping to help the child but for staying until officers arrived.

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