‘God Saved Us': Women Watch Irving Garage Collapse From Steps Away

“God saved us for a reason. God saved us for a reason," said a woman who was near the collapse

There are many words to describe what Jigna Bavishi and Eva Yu experienced Tuesday morning during a parking garage collapse in Irving. The two women chose “lucky” and “miraculous.”

“We were right near her car and we saw another car from the top fall and crush her car,” Bavishi said.

The two coworkers were taking a daily walk through the garage when without warning they watched the top deck fall in and vehicles start raining down.

The Irving Police Department released 911 calls from witnesses of the parking garage collapse.

“Then we just held hands and ran out and we were still there looking at all the cars still falling…the ceiling still falling down,” Bavishi said. ”That’s when the people from the office next door all started rushing in and asking questions like ‘hey is there anyone in there?’”

Bavishi said they were just a few feet from possibly being crushed.

“She took a second to check her phone and I took a second to tie up my hair. If we didn’t use those few seconds; we would be right under the rubble,” she said.

“God saved us for a reason. God saved us for a reason. I just kept saying that,” Yu added.

The women say there was no warning at all.

“Suddenly just in front of us, the ceiling just fell and the car dropped,” Yu said. “Just suddenly and just the boom and then the dust all over.”

While the women were lucky, Yu’s vehicle was not saved. It was crushed under the concrete and another vehicle.

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