GM Plant Hosts Open House

3,000 people sign up for the free tour of the plant

The General Motors assembly plant in Arlington opened its doors for an open house for only the third time since the plant started production in 1954.

"We've got a lot of employees who are extremely proud of what they do," said Reuben Jones, Assistant Plant Manager. "This is a way that they can show people what we do."

The first vehicle to ever leave the assembly line was a Pontiac Chieftan, now the majority of the vehicles produced are Chevy Tahoes.

Three thousand people signed up for a spot on the free 20-minute tour of the assembly line to see how the full-size SUVs are made.

GM tried to offer tours in 2011 around Super Bowl XLV, but the icy weather prevented them from hosting the event.

"Many of the people say we've driven by this plant here on 360 for years, and we always wanted to see what goes on," Jones said.

Carl Dolifka drove from his home in Brandon, to take a look inside the plant.

"It's always fascinated me to be able to see the parts being put on one at a time," he said.

He, and the other guests, looked on as workers put on headlights, installed door panels and watched the vehicles in their different stages travel across the plant.

Over 2,500 work in the assembly line making sure that each SUV is safe and ready for use. Every 60 seconds, a new SUV leaves the assembly line.

Tours continue through Thursday.

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