Glitch Leaves Teachers Without Pay

Fort Worth employees upset over pay problems.

Pay day never came for many Fort Worth ISD employees on Friday. 

Teachers, service workers and even administrators streamed into the school district's administration building in search of answers and a pay check.

"Surely we could be respected enough that our pay checks are timely and correct," said Hawk Kennedy, a teacher for FWISD.

Mix ups have been a problem since January when the district adopted a new payroll system. 

"We had a human error which resulted in incorrect data being put into the system," said Clint Bond a Fort Worth ISD spokesman.

Late Friday, workers were trying to correct the problem, while employees worried about paying bills and bouncing checks.

"I work 30 days for a check.  They expect me to work, I expect to get paid when I'm supposed to," said FWISD employee Emmet Johnson.  "I don't' work for my health, I don't work for a social event, I work for a pay check.  That's the only reason I'm here."

Frustrated employees waited for hours Friday to receive their checks. 

The school district apologized to the workers.

"We're making every effort to correct it as quickly as possible.  It's terribly inconvenient and we're sorry," said Bond.

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