North Texas

Glenn Heights Church Reopens After 2015 Tornado

More than a year after a tornado tore through the North Texas city of "Glenn Heights," a congregation returned home.

Most of the Harvest of Praise Ministry Church building was destroyed back in 2015. Nothing was left standing except the frame.

“I feel wonderful, delighted, excited… we've been waiting for this for two years… and it finally has come," said Elouise Houston.

"When you would drive by you would know that a tornado or earthquake or bomb or something had happened on the building," said Senior Pastor Kevin Taylor. He was inside the church when the tornado hit.

"None of us had any harm… that was nothing but god," said Taylor.

Now months later… it's his first service since the church has been re-built.

"I was doing everything I could to keep the tears from flowing earlier when I got in for intersession," said Taylor.

At nearly 3 times the size it was before… the church doors are now open and ready to welcome back more people than ever.

"So as he says when god takes some away from us… he gives it back to us two-folds. So that's wonderful," said Houston.

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