Girl Scouts Raising Money to Send Cookies to Aircraft Carrier

Scouts are taking donations to buy 5,000 boxes of cookies to send to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

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North Texas Girl Scouts are trying to get cookies to a place they're not usually found — an aircraft carrier.

Scouts from three local troops are taking donations to buy 5,000 boxes of cookies to send to the service members aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

It's part of a project called Cookies 4 USS Ike.

According to organizer Melissa Shaeffer, the Girl Scouts organization sends cookies to military bases but does not send them to deployed troops.

"Knowing we can send something from home that reminds them of home, it makes people feel good and they know they're making a difference," she said.

Shaeffer said the project also teaches the scouts to give.

The project began last year when Shaeffer's family set out to send a case of cookies to their nephew on the USS John C. Stennis, but the troop decided to get enough cookies to send to everyone on board instead.

They ended up shipping 200 boxes of cookies to the crew by way of a Navy supply ship.

Shaeffer unexpectedly ended back up in the cookie game this year when she learned a friend's son was headed out on the Eisenhower, and teamed up with troops 7909, 2949 and 3154 to gather 5,000 boxes.

As of Feb. 26, the troops have gotten 1,532 boxes toward their goal, according to the project's website. There are 19 days left to donate.

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