Girl Learning to Drive Hits and Kills 12-Year-Old

A 16-year-old learning to drive killed a 12-year-old boy Friday evening after accelerating out of her driveway in Lewisville, Texas.

According to the Lewisville Police Department, the girl's father told her to start the car and was teaching her basic car operations in a mobile home park in the 1700 block of Bunker Hill Lane.

Officers said the girl placed the 4-door Nissan Sentra in reverse and accelerated out of the driveway. She crossed the street striking 12-year-old Eric Lozano and his 10-year-old cousin. Lozano was pinned against a home after being hit.

The Lewisville Fire and Police Department were dispatched to the accident at 6:37 p.m. Officers said Lozano was transported to the Medical Center of Lewisville where he was then pronounced deceased. The 10-year old was not seriously injured and was released from the hospital Friday night.

The girl did not have a driver's license and the case is under investigation.

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