North Texas

Getting Plants Ready for the Upcoming Big Temperature Drop

Thursday's weather in North Texas was a little taste of what's to come. Over the weekend, temperatures are forecasted to drop into the low 20's.

"You never know. We could easily be here and it could be 90 degrees as well," said David Forehand, vice president of gardens at the Dallas Arboretum. "This is spring in North Texas."

Forehand oversees 66 acres of plants at the Dallas Arboretum. He said there are a few things you can do to help your outdoor plants survive the colder weather.

First, water them. While the ground may still be moist enough from recent rain, containers and pots tend to dry out more quickly.

"You want to water those really good before we get this cold," said Forehand. "That will help protect the plant material that's in the containers."

Second, cover your plants with a breathable sheet, blanket, or towel. "That will keep the heat in," explained Forehand. Plastic prevents airflow, allows frost to build, and kills the plant.

Flowers that have already bloomed, like daffodils, pansies, tulips, and hyasynth are hearty enough withstand the cold. Anything just planted to bloom later in the spring needs extra attention and cover to survive the cold.

"It's just like putting things in a cooler at the florist," said Forehand. "Just kind of stops everything from developing and then it will start back up when we warm back up."

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