Get Some Rest: Survey

Study finds that Arlington, Dallas doesn’t get enough sleep

We get a lot of press releases at NBC.

Sometimes it’s newsworthy—this might include: political scandals, human interest pieces, anything referring to the Olympics, anything with the names Yu Darvish or Dirk Nowitzki.

Occasionally, we get weird news. These are the stories where you read the headline and become incapable of resisting the urge to click, such as: “Man Barred from Taking Kitten to Florida Strip Club” or “Woman Cooks Meth at Walmart While Held for Shoplifting”.

One of our favorite leads, though, comes from surveys. North Texas is home to several large cities, and we are always making some kind of list. These are fun because no one gets shot, it’s a break from sports, and the feedback from our readers and viewers is always a riot.

Today, we received a press release indicating that Arlington and Dallas made the top twenty list of places that do not get enough sleep.

The survey itself was interesting but not necessarily newsworthy. It used social media, diet, and other components to rank the cities.

If we had written a story on it, we might have mentioned a few sources citing the importance of sleep, common causes of fatigue, etc.

We might have even hunted down a helpful stock photo of what a person might look like after a night of sleeplessness.

Instead, we decided to use the infographic that was sent with the survey, which clearly labels Arlington, Texas on the east coast of the United States.

Arlington may be many things. It may, as a whole, be a few minutes short on beauty sleep. It is home to most of State Highway 360, a constant source of traffic and frustration since 1955.

It’s also home to University of Texas at Arlington, Six Flags over Texas, the Cowboys Stadium, and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Yes, Arlington, Texas may be many things, and may be part of many lists, but as any school-aged child in Texas can tell you, it is nowhere near the east coast.

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