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Get Connected: A Closer Look at Stories for Tuesday, May 29

It's Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Let's GET CONNECTED!

1. Catholic Church Investigating 'Weeping' Virgin Mary as Possible Miracle

A miracle in New Mexico?

People from everywhere are flocking to this church to see it in person.

Catholic church-goers claim a statue of the Virgin Mary started crying during Mass. Many are calling it a miracle.

Witnesses say when the tears were wiped away - they reappeared.

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2. Bugs Are Making Their Way Into Your Spices

A little bit of bugs are allowed in your spices.

The Food and Drug Administration allows a small amount because it's "no health hazards for humans."

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3. FBI Urges Internet Users to Reboot Home Routers

You may reboot your WiFi router every now and then but, the FBI says it's urgent that you reboot Tuesday.

They say Russian hackers targeted hundreds of thousands of internet routers.

The hackers are accused of installing malware that can collect your private information.

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4. School Districts Consider Limiting Class Rankings

School's almost out for summer, but next year there could be changes in the class ranking system for two school districts.

Officials in Frisco want to calculate rank for students in the top ten percent of their class only.

Other students would not be ranked by a specific number.

Plano students may also see similar changes

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