North Texas

Gas Rush Biting Into Business for Dallas Food Trucks

Some North Texas gas pumps are running dry, and the impact could take a bite out of business for local restaurants, especially those on wheels.

Michael Goldenberg is fueling up his customers, but filling up his pizza truck — that's a new concern.

"Of course, the availability is probably tougher on us right now than the price itself," said Goldenberg, a chef for Yummy Pizza Truck.

While the pizza truck pulls into Klyde Warren Park seven days a week, two other company trucks roam the city. All have generators, and before this week, each was running through about $100 worth of unleaded gasoline every two days.

"What's scaring me is these stations are running out, because we've got gigs to fulfill," he said.

With an event Friday and more on the weekend, he worries their commitments could suffer.

"Without gas, we have a hard time getting there, which means a lot of money out of our pockets initially," Goldenberg said.

About 10 employees make up the business. Many are paid by the hour. Slicing into their profits could really affect their pocketbook. As far as higher gas prices, Goldenberg said they'd likely feel that impact, too.

"We would not pass that along to the customer. Unfortunately we'd probably have to eat that cost," he said.

For now, he's trying to stay positive one plate at a time.

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