Gary Cogill’s Top Ten Movies of 2016


NBC 5 movie critic Gary Cogill takes a trip down memory lane and lists his Top 10 movies of 2016.

1. "La La Land"
A beautifully photographed, emotionally realized musical that had me leaving the theater feeling euphoric. Emma Stone should win the Oscar for her performance but she probably won't.

2. "Arrival"
A sci-fi film that is not a sci-fi film with Amy Adams going emotionally inward as she physically goes upward inside an alien space craft.

3. "Moonlight"
A life story told in three parts that is so seamless it feels like reading a good novel.

4. "Manchester By The Sea"
Sad, sad, sad, and oh so real.

5. "Hell or High Water"
West Texas based bank robbing movie with Jeff Bridges as the Texas Ranger hot on the trail. Smart, introspective, and well written.

6. "Silence"
Martin Scorsese's violent and thought provoking take on proselytizing missionaries and the country that will have no part of them or their faith.

7. "Fences"
A great stage play and a powerful film with language rarely heard on the big screen.

8. "Nocturnal Animals"
Every frame of this adult film scared me or thrilled me.

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9. "Lion"
Beautiful and moving to watch as a film of forgiveness and compassion.

10. (tie) "Rogue One" and "The Jungle Book"
"Rogue One" fits nicely as a stand alone film and as my third favorite in the cinematic "Star Wars" universe.

"The Jungle Book" is a technical wonder.

Honorable Mentions:

"Hidden Figures"
"Queen of Katwe"
"Captain Fantastic"
"The Eagle Huntress"
"Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"
"American Honey"

Cogill's Worst Film 2016:

"Sausage Party"
It had a "Rotten Tomatoes" rating of 84%, made more than $140 million, and I felt like it was 89 minutes of people screaming at me.

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