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Gary Cogill Reviews ‘Finding Dory'

In 2003 Finding Nemo became a well-known fixture in the minds of parents and children, and I'm happy to say Finding Dory is a beautiful, wonderful sequel.

In the difficult world of sequels, Finding Dory is a smart, emotional surprise. Dory, the blue tang fish, suffers from short-term memory loss, and despite good parenting, gets caught in a current and separated from her parents.

This is an enlightened film about "special needs" that says if you put your mind to it, even if your mind doesn't always work, you can accomplish great things.

Ellen DeGeneres is just about perfect as the often confused but instinctive, Dory, and so is Ed O'Neill as, Hank, the helpful octopus. This is also a film about a community that willingly helps others during a time of personal crisis.

Finding Dory is written and directed by Oscar-winner Andrew Stanton, who created the original Finding Nemo, wrote the original Toy Story, and created Wall-E. His latest resonates from beginning to end, using laughter when needed, and finding just the right balance of adventure and kindness.

Finding Dory is rated PG and runs just over 90 minutes. A work of cinematic art that speaks volumes about compassion and acceptance in a world sadly lacking both. Run to the theater to see

Finding Dory, a remarkable sequel and a wonderful film.

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