Garland Town Homes Destroyed in Fire

An overnight fire destroyed one town home and damaged two others in Garland.

The fire department got a call at about 2:45 a.m. for a fire at a two-story duplex-style town home in the 700 block of Valiant Circle.

When fire fighters arrived they found one townhouse engulfed in flames as it spread to a second and was raining hot embers on a third.

One building containing two town homes was destroyed, one half of the second building suffered heavy damage an the third suffered roof damage.

Fire crews report the fire was difficult to fight because the buildings were so close together. Residents reported there are no fire hydrants on the street.

"It's amazing how fast it does spread, within, I'd say withing a good 15 minutes it had at least taken out... 2 and a half duplexes over here, two-story. It spread very fast." said resident Amy Carpenter.

Carpenter and other residents ran door-to-door warning everyone to get out. Fire fighters credit their warnings with saving lives and preventing injuries.

Everyone made it out of the burning building, but a pet perished in the blaze.

Investigators continue to search for the cause of the fire.

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