Garland Teacher to Plead Guilty to Sex with Students

Police found cell phone videos of some of the incidents

A Garland High School teacher has struck a deal with federal prosecutors in which he will plead guilty to possession of child pornography for videotaping himself engaged in various sex acts with a student, according to court documents.

Willis Bassham has been removed from his position at Garland High School, according to district officials.

"Once we became aware of this situation, we acted," said Chris Moore of the Garland Independent School District.  "We looked into it.  We did an investigation, quickly contacted the police department, placed the employee on leave ... it is extremely unfortunate and it's inexcusable when these things occur, parents send their kids to school to learn, it’s a safe zone and when things like this happen, it raises questions."

In May of this year, the school district placed the Social Studies teacher on administrative leave after a teacher voiced concern. Investigators reportedly recovered at least two video clips from a cell phone at Bassham's home.

Both clips show Bassham taking part in sexual activity with a student who was younger than 17, according to court documents.

In the Garland High School year book last year, Willis Bassham is quoted as saying, "I would hope I am a better teacher."

"It was a disgrace and disrespectful to the school, the teachers, the district and everyone involved in the situation," said Marcus Bell, a Garland High School graduate. "It's not right to mess around with students, especially way younger than you and don't really know any better."

Under the plea deal, which can be read here, Bassham would plead guilty, serve eight years in prison and have to register as a sex offender.

A judge has yet to accept the plea agreement.  No court date has been set.

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