Garland Residents Survey Storm Damage

Residents and business owners in Garland woke up Wednesday to quite a bit of damage.

Cars were blown about, and roofs were damaged.

Edward Arnold was at home Tuesday night when the storm was at it's worst. His sun room was ripped off his house and ended up in a neighbor's yard, flattened.

"It was orginally out in back of my house," Arnold said. "And next thing I know, it was out in the front street."

Arnold said the storm moved fast.

"It just sounded like a train coming, we got everybody out into a hallway," he said. "Then the crash sounded, and it was over in about five minutes. It didn't last long."

Pieces of the flattened sun room were also caught in the neighborhood's trees.

Arnold was among other Garland residents who had some unexpected cleaning up to do after the strong storms hit.

In a nearby commercial area, an auto body shop needed a little body work itself, as did nearby vehicles that were flipped over or pummeled by bricks.

"The damage to the main building is such that I don't believe it can be repaired," said the property's owner, Francis Reed.  

On East Avenue B, a street sign was blown over. Workers spent the morning getting it back upright, and working to restore power to the area.

"We'll do all that we can to try to assist and get this cleaned up as quickly as possible," said City Councilman John Willis.

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