Garland Residents Complain Crosswalk is Dangerous

Real estate sign blocks crosswalk signals


A crosswalk at a busy intersection in Garland is getting attention, after some residents complained that a real estate sign partially blocking the crosswalk signal made it dangerous.

The real estate sign is on the southeast corner of Bass Pro Drive and Chaha Road, off Interstate 30. With the sign partially blocking the crosswalk signals, pedestrians have a difficult time seeing the "Go" or "Stop" signals of the crosswalk; only the time counting down until it's no longer safe to cross.

"My concern is that someone is going to get hit here in this intersection crossing the street," said Garland resident J.D. Riemer. “It’s a fairly busy intersection, someone’s going to get hurt, or killed."

Resident Vanessa Bryant was worried about her family members running up and down the street almost every day.

"Anybody can just walk out there and probably get hit or it can cause a car wreck or anything," said Bryant.  "My cousins go up and down this road all the time and I worry a lot about that when I pass through."

City of Garland inspectors said the sign was out of compliance and asked the owner to move it. A compromise Garland resident and former real estate agent Gregorio D’Janeiro finds fair.

"I see both sides of the dilemma of being safe as a pedestrian and also as a former real estate agent," said D’Janeiro. "We definitely need to have the sign removed to a safe location so that the pedestrian is going to be safe and to a different location so that property can still be sold."

The owners said over the phone, they did not know the sign was out of compliance since it has been at that corner since August 2010. They added the first time they heard complaints about the sign was from the city on Tuesday.

Since it was brought to their attention, the owner has moved the sign.

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