Garland Police Release New Details Surrounding Road Rage Shooting

The Garland Police Department released surveillance footage and new information about a fatal shooting as a result of road rage.

Francisco Pasillas, 33, was driving a white Cadillac Escalade, with his wife, south on Centerville Road towards Northwest Highway on August 22. At some point he had a confrontation with another driver in a Chevrolet truck.

Shots were then fired. Officers arrived on Centerville Road to find Pasillas suffering from a gunshot wound inside of his Escalade. He was transported to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

Detectives conducted a videotaped interview of Pasillas’ wife, who said her husband was angry after being cut off by the driver of the pickup. Pasillas' wife told Detectives that Pasillas threw a glass bottle at the pickup. She said shots were fired after Pasillas had thrown the object.

Detectives recovered video from a nearby business showing Pasillas’ Escalade catching up to the pickup. As Pasillas pulled up along the passenger side of the truck, he can be seen with his driver’s side window open and appears to be throwing an object at the pickup, which is consistent with statements given by Pasillas’ wife.

The driver of the pickup continued from the scene and drove to the Rowlett Police Station. The driver stated he drove to the police station to report the incident. Police tell us the driver of the pickup has been cooperative throughout the investigation.

The driver of the pickup waived his right to remain silent and to have an attorney present and agreed to be interviewed by Detectives. Garland police say the driver of the pickup said Pasillas was driving erratically in traffic and following his vehicle closely. The driver of the pickup, and the passenger in the pickup both told detectives that as the Escalade pulled up beside their vehicle. They said they heard a loud pop, and the back rear window shattered, sending glass into the cabin of the truck. Both the driver and passenger stated they believed Pasillas was shooting at them. The driver of the pickup indicated he was in fear for his life and fired back at the Escalade.

A spokesman with Garland Police says they’ve been in contact with the DA’s office and this case will be referred to a grand jury. The identity of the shooter will not be released unless criminal charges are filed.

Pasillas family still believes the driver of the truck should’ve been charged.

"Here is this person being able to walk free. We don’t have my brother and it hurts. It hurts because my brother did not deserve this at all," said Pasillas' sister Anabel Farias.

In a statement, the Garland Police Department said "this shooting is a tragic example of senseless road rage, impacting the lives of numerous people in multiple families."

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