Garland Police Arrest 2 Men on Roof of Business

Garland police caught two men on the roof of a building they suspect of stealing copper after a third man confessed to officers early Monday morning. [[321232011,C]]

Police said they think two of the men used a U-Haul truck to climb onto the roof of Big D Bolt & Tool on the 3600 block of West Miller Road.

The owner of the business told NBC 5 that police pulled over the U-Haul as it left the building's parking lot. The driver told officers what the two other men were doing and police found them atop the building.

"The conversation that they had with the driver led them to believe that there was a theft occurring at the moment," Garland Police Department Lt. Pedro Barineau said. "The driver actually showed the officer where the theft was occurring."

Police said they ordered the two men to climb down a ladder brought by firefighters. The men climbed down and were arrested without incident.

"Garland's police are the finest," Big D Bolt & Tool owner Bob Coursey said. "I really take my hat off. I know every time I’ve been involved in anything they’ve been first class."

Coursey said the two men removed a few hundred dollars worth of copper, but the cost of repairs could exceed $20,000.

"It’s very frustrating," he said. "I would have given them the $200 just to leave me alone."


NBC 5's Ellen Bryan contributed to this report.

Garland police say they arrested two men they suspect of trying to steal copper on the roof of a building and a third man waiting nearby Monday morning.
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