Garland Homes, Warehouse Damaged in Sunday Storms

In Garland, the path of Sunday night's storm could be seen from the sky beginning with a brand new warehouse that was blown to shreds.

Pieces of the building are scattered throughout a nearby neighborhood Including Rhonda and Jack Melton's backyard.

Jack Melton said he was trying to put away a patio umbrella when the storm approached.

"It wasn't just blowing, it was swirling so I hollered at him and we both made it to the closet before the house started shaking and everything," Rhonda Melton said.

The City of Garland is hauling away mounds of mess including decades-old trees uprooted in a matter of minutes.

Stacey Curry grew up here. "Just kind of sentimental," she said.

Her grandparents hunkered down in the hallway.

At a house across the street, a woman and her three-month-old baby hid in a crawl space below a closet before running to a neighbor's house for help.

"Two minutes before the tornado hit before it knocked the whole roof in," Curry explained.

The ceiling is caved in from the kitchen to the living room. The family who lives there was visibly shaken by the close call.

"It'll be fine. It's replaceable, I mean, we'll just have to rebuild it," Curry said.

In the meantime, no electricity means neighbors have no way to cook.

Monday afternoon, Lavon Drive Baptist Church fired up the grill to feed bodies and souls.

"This is what makes the difference, insurance and all that those things will come later but you've got to serve people right now," said Scott Lemay, Mayor of Garland.

Neighbors expect to go at least a few days without electricity.

Garland Police say they will increase patrol in the area during the coming days.

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