Garland Animal Services Seize 22 Dogs, 3 Found Dead in Refrigerator

Garland Animal Services

Garland Animal Services seized 22 dogs, including 3 dogs found dead in a refrigerator while serving a search-and-seizure warrant Monday.

According to Garland Animal Services, they were dispatched to a deceased dog that appeared to be struck by a vehicle, scanned the dog for a microchip to find its owner and contacted the owner, who requested the body.

Upon transporting the body to the owner, Garland Animal Services said there was a strong stench of feces and urine emitting from the residence and a large amount of dogs barking from the residence.

According to Garland Animal Services, they then made multiple visits trying to work with her but said she was "combative and unwilling to work with us."

Garland Animal Services obtained probable cause to move forward with a search and seize warrant that was executed on Monday, July 27.

The owner of the dogs is not in custody as of Wednesday, Garland Animal Services said.

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