North Texas

FW Police Ask For Equipment To Help In Terror, Critical Incidents

The Fort Worth Police Department is asking for $195,000 for the purchase of night vision binoculars.

City Council documents show the binoculars are needed and would be used during “critical incidents” with terrorist attacks specifically mentioned.

The binoculars would allow officers to see in darkness and help neutralize threats during incidents like hostage situations and barricaded fugitives. City leaders said the devises can also add another layer of public safety because they help conceal officers in darkness and allow search and rescue teams to locate missing children, elderly and vulnerable adults after dark.

There are other departments across North Texas using similar devices. The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has two thermal imagers used in patrol. Denton Police also have hand-held thermal devices for special uses such as searches.

Plano Police don’t specifically have binoculars, but equipment that allows them to see in darkness.

Irving Police also have night vision equipment, but they are not used across the department. Some officers may have their own equipment, but the department does not furnish the gear as standard issue.

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