FW Erecting JFK Statue in Downtown Square

Statue to commemorate president's visit, final night

Downtown stakeholders revealed more details about their grand vision to honor slain U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Fort Worth on Tuesday.

To honor the past president, an 8-foot-tall cast-bronze sculpture of Kennedy will be added to the General Worth Square in downtown Fort Worth.

The City Council has authorized a license agreement with Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives Inc., to make basic improvements to General Worth Square Park, including improved lighting, irrigation repairs, seating, walkway improvements and other features.  The city will contribute $250,000 from gas well revenues to help fund the restoration project.

Details of the project were revealed Tuesday and an artist's rendering can be seen above.

“A tribute to the president’s visit and memorializing the history of the first half of November 22, 1963, has been too long in coming,” said Taylor Gandy, co-chair of the JFK Tribute Committee.

The statue, by artist Lawrence M. Ludtke, is already completed and was funded by private contributions.

Under a light rain on the morning of Nov. 22, 1963, Kennedy addressed thousands at the Hotel Texas in downtown Fort Worth, where he and the first lady had spent the night. Kennedy later headed to Dallas, the fourth and final stop on his two-day, five-city Texas tour.

General Worth Square is just a block from the Hilton hotel (in 1963 known as the Hotel Texas), where Kennedy spent his final night.

General Worth Square is named for William Jenkins Worth, the commander of the Texas army and namesake of the former outpost and current city. The square is located just north of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

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