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Future of Denton Confederate Monument Still in Question

Dozens of people have approached Commissioners Court in favor of, opposed to monument's removal

The ongoing debate over the future of a monument to Confederate soldiers on the Denton County Courthouse square will last for at least another week.

During the past several meetings, dozens of people have collectively voiced their concern about the presence of the monument — whether it should stay or be removed — during the public comment portion of the weekly Denton County Commissioners Court meetings.

Among the opinions shared in recent weeks:

“The ball is in your court. The monument is on your lawn. You have the power here; use it. Move the monument.”

“It hasn't hurt anybody. If this is allowed to come down where do we go next?”

“By keeping this monument in such a prominent public space you are sending a disgustingly clear message that says we honor the efforts of those who fought to preserve slavery and the dominance of the white race.”

“To tack on that [the statue] is about white supremacy or that it is racist is disgusting.”

“The most important point about the monument is not removal or non-removal, or indoor or outdoor. It is simply that it not be presented as suggesting that Denton's values today are those of the Confederacy because they’re clearly not.”

“I ask that you put the Confederate monument on the agenda and consider moving it inside a museum to be viewed in the proper context.”

The point about the matter not yet appearing on the Commissioners Court agenda is one that has consistently been brought up during recent public comment portions. The issue is not on the agenda for Tuesday morning’s meeting.

The Denton County Commissioners Court meets every Tuesday and the deadline to get something on the agenda is Friday, according to the court’s aide.

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