Former Dallas Police Assistant Chief Laid to Rest Tuesday

The funeral for former Dallas Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson was held Tuesday in Dallas.

Simpson, who was killed in a motorcycle crash on May 3, was part of the Dallas Police Department for 25 years before becoming the Chief of Police in Corpus Christi three years ago.

Simpson started at the Dallas Police Department in 1986 as a patrol officer. He was promoted to sergeant in 1992 and then became assistant chief in 2008.

He was an avid runner in his spare time and had completed four marathons. He also really enjoyed riding his motorcycle.

Major Williams Marks, with the Dallas Police Department, knew Simpson for more than 25 years.

"He was a wonderful person,” said Marks. “He was surely loved by many. Ever since I knew him he was always a very professional individual, very regimented and he will be sorely missed. He was very well respected by many."

Simpson's funeral was held at Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Simpson was married to Tanya Simpson for 27 years and the couple had four children.

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