Full-Time Mom Creates Successful Makeup Artist Business, Popular YouTube Channel

More and more people are maintaining their 9 to 5's while keeping a successful side hustle -- but a local woman's side hustle was so successful she turned it into her full-time job.

Robyn Medina is a makeup artist with YouTube videos with anywhere from 2,000 to 225,000 views and she has 202,000 subscribers.

“I’m telling you. I’m telling you right now. This is going to change your life,” Medina said in one of her viral YouTube videos.

Medina, AKA “MUA Blacswan,” has created a makeup tutorial empire on social media.

“Basically today, we’re just going to be going over how to do full coverage makeup, but it doesn’t feel like you have anything on right now,” Medina says in one of her YouTube videos.

She’s been doing makeup artistry for seven years, building a base of fans across the country. But, she says this “side-hustle,” all started with frustration.

“There weren’t a lot of makeup artist that could cater to a lot of women of color, classes weren’t being taught to do skin that was medium to deeper tone, so when you did get your makeup done, they either didn’t have the makeup or didn’t have the skill to deal with women that look like me,” Medina said.

So Medina wanted to do something about it. After about a year, this full-time mother of two started taking on clients.

“My business is at a rapid incline,” Medina said. “I’m very happy with where it is going and I feel blessed about it. I really do. I feel blessed about it.”

And she says, this is so much more than being a make-up artist, it’s turned into a passion, giving people an extra boost of confidence.

“Also making them feel like you’re valued, you’re beautiful. No matter what,” Medina said.

It gave Medina self-fulfillment to do whatever she could to make every single one of her clients leave feeling like a million bucks.

“Your side hustle might change your life,” Medina said. “Your side hustle might actually become your career, hence, me. My side hustle became my career.”

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