FTA Announces $60.76 Million Grant to Expand DART Light Rail Capacity

The project will lengthen platforms at 28 stations allowing for three-car trains

Dallas Area Rapid Transit will now be able to accommodate more riders thanks to a grant agreement from the Federal Transit Administration.

FTA announced Thursday a $60.76 million grant agreement for construction of platform extensions along the Red and Blue lines.

The existing Red and Blue light rail lines can currently accommodate only two-car trains. Each car contains 94 seats giving each train a maximum capacity of 188 seats. At peak hours, cars hold 165 passengers with people standing -- so more cars are needed as ridership grows.

"As our regular riders know, our platforms and trains tend to fill up pretty quickly during the week, especially during peak travel times," said DART President Gary Thomas.

The project plans to lengthen platforms at 28 stations which will allow for three-car trains. This expansion will allow DART to serve up to 33 percent more passengers throughout their busiest operating times. 

The total project costs $128.74 million. Funding for the project is provided through FTA’s Capital Investment Grants Program. FTA has advanced funding for 23 programs across the nation since January 2017.

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