North Texas

Fort Worth Police Officers Help Elderly Man After A/C Goes Out

Some Fort Worth police officers made a difference on Thursday for a 95-year-old man whose air conditioning had just gone out.

A police officer's wife, Jennifer Weir, posted on Facebook about how her husband, Officer Christopher Weir, and another officer, William Margolis bought an air conditioning unit after responding to a call where they found a man without A/C.

She said Margolis took it upon himself to go to Home Depot and use his own money to buy an A/C unit.

"While there, Home Depot managers and employees decided to contribute $150 of their own money to help with the cause," she wrote. "This is what being an officer is about. This is what the media doesn't report on but happens every single day by officers all over."

After returning to the house, Weir and Margolis got help from a third officer to install the A/C unit.

"Someone called for help. We were there to help. It's what we signed up to be a police officer for," Margolis said.

"I'm thankful. I thank the Lord for that, yeah," said the homeowner, Julious Hatley.

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