Frustrated Travelers Opt to Rent a Car Over Long Lines at Love Field

The officer-involved shooting at Dallas Love Field Friday caused huge security backups. Many people missed flights and connections and some decided it wasn't worth waiting through security all over again. They opted for plan B instead: hitting the road.

“Forget it, I’m getting in the car,” said traveler Dana Simmons.

When is a car faster than a plane?

“There was just no moving,” said traveler Pamela Flynn.

When airport security lines stop you in your tracks.

“They were gonna evacuate everybody out and rescreen everyone through security,” said traveler Fred Holden.

The savviest of travelers turned around and headed straight to the car rental counter.

“At this point I don’t know if I’m smart or not, I just know that I don’t want to be in a line that long,” said traveler Joe Cepeda.

Dozens opted to hit the road instead.

“The lines were so long you couldn’t find the end, you could barely even walk through the door, so I walked back here and now I’m going to drive to San Antonio,” said Flynn.

Some had pressing plans to get back for.

“My birthday,” said Cepeda.

While others just weren’t feeling the Love for an airport terminal crowded with impatient travelers.

“Thousands. I mean a lot. It’s chaos,” said Simmons.

All chose hours in the car over stock-still stalemate at Love Field.

“A long Friday is getting longer,” said Holden.

A manager from Hertz told NBC5 they ended up doing 50 more rentals than they were expecting between 1:00 and 3:00 Friday afternoon, and more came in after. They were all one-way rentals, mostly to San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

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