Frisco Woman Waits Months for Fridge Repair

"They weren't listening to me, but they listened to you and that's when things started happening"

A couple years ago, Mary Aday bought an LG refrigerator. But on June 8 of this year, she said it went out completely.

She said Sears sent a technician out not once, not twice, but three times.

After the third try, she said the technician told her the fridge was not repairable, and she needed to call the manufacturer, LG.

Aday said she's called LG every week for the last three months.

"Their customer service stinks," she said.

When she finally reached a manager, she said LG blamed the delay on Sears, saying they didn't send LG a full service report.

When she called Sears, she said they told her they did send a full report.

Aday eventually had to buy another fridge that cost her $1,100.

"I decide to call you, NBC 5 Responds. I've seen your investigative reporting on TV. I don't have anything to lose," she explained.

We started with Sears, the company that sold her the fridge.

Sears told us that LG is the manufacturer of the fridge, and LG could have sent out their own technicians. It's not up to the Sears home warranty to prove anything to LG.

We then turned to LG, asking them why they haven't sent out a technician. LG said they'd get back to us.

Aday got several phone calls from the company that same week.

In a statement, LG confirmed that they have been working with Mary to resolve the situation. That same week, LG sent out a technician, and much to Aday's surprise, the fridge was finally fixed.

"You got the ball rolling," she said. "They weren't listening to me, but they listened to you and that's when things started happening."

Aday said that LG has offered to pay her $200 for the food she lost and $750 for the extra fridge she had to buy.

In a statement, LG had this to say:

"NBC 5 to the rescue! This is another good example of how KXAS-TV serves its viewers."

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