Frisco Voting on Beer, Wine Sales Throughout City

Some annexed land within city limits still legally dry

On the first day of early voting, people in Frisco had more on their minds than just the presidential election.

In late 2011, a group of citizens circulated a petition to get a measure that would allow the sale of beer and wine throughout the city on the ballot.

While Frisco is considered damp, the city has annexed land that is legally dry. Supporters of the measure call them pro-business and say that they worry leaving the areas dry could hinder future development.

"When we OK'd the alcohol sales, boom -- Costco built in Frisco," Joel Rogers said. "Prior to that, they didn't want to do it and didn't do it until we had the alcohol."

Rogers said there has been talk of a mall development along U.S. Route 380. Allowing alcohol sales in the mostly undeveloped northern part of the city could pave the way for progress, he said.

"We need the people in Aubrey, Pilot Point, places like that," Rogers said. "The closest mall they have is Stonebriar. If we can develop the whole 380 corridor, when Jerry Jones puts his mall in, it's better for everybody."

However, others disagree.

"I'm against, because I think it brings in a whole new level of devilment," said Sheri Ward, a Frisco resident of 27 years. "I realize that everyone likes to have a cocktail with their dinner or whatever, but I would hate to lose my grandchildren to someone who left a little inebriated."

The nearby town of Prosper also has an alcohol-related measure on its ballot. Voters there will decide whether or not to allow the sale of all alcohol in town limits.

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