Meredith Yeomans

Frisco Teen With Autism Releases Song on iTunes

Music is something most of us couldn't live without.

But for one Frisco teen, it's about more than just songs. Music is giving him a voice.

Words don't come easy for 13-year-old Shawn Piper, who is autistic.

"It’s not a normal life,” said Shawn’s mother, Monica Piper.

Like many with autism, communicating is a daily battle.

“You don’t want this for your child, but you count your blessings,” she said.

But when words become lyrics for Shawn, it’s like the sound speaks to his soul.

“He kind of comes out of his shell. He’s a whole different kid,” Monica said.

Music therapy is connecting in more ways than one.

A non-profit called "Music Movement" recently flew Shawn to Nashville to record a cover song and music video for his favorite song, Vertigo by U2.

The song featured up-and-coming country singer Billy Dawson, producer Skidd Mills and Rich Redmond, the drummer for Jason Aldean’s band.

The single was just released on iTunes. As of Thursday, a Music Movement spokesperson said a few dozen recordings had been sold.

"Very proud that he was able to go and record in a real studio. And he loved it,” said Shawn’s father, Jeff Piper.

The story about more than just music.

"It's a great message of hope for families with kids with special needs,” Monica said.

It’s also an example about what can happen when you do what you love.

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