Frisco Teen Returns Home

Bethany Stroud says she was kidnapped and driven to Oklahoma

Bethany Stroud, 18, returned home Sunday to her parents and grandparents after disappearing Friday night.

"We're blessed that she is back, she is safe, and she is happy," said Bethany's father, Alan Stroud.

Police say Bethany Stroud disappeared Friday night after working her shift at the Dr. Pepper-Stars Arena. Police received a 12-second 911 call with muffled voices from Stroud's cell phone late Friday.

After Bethany didn't show up for work at a Frisco consignment store on Saturday, police were contacted.

Friends went door-to-door to find Stroud and took to Twitter with the hashtag #findbethany.  NBC 5 and other media organizations also posted her picture and vehicle on, Facebook and Twitter.

"Putting her picture out, putting the car out, helped get the word out and that's what helped get her found," father Alan Stroud said.

Stroud was found 211 miles away from home in Muskogee, Okla. She told police she was captured and taken at gunpoint. She said she eventually escaped and called from a Braum's restaurant.

A statement from Frisco Police Sunday afternoon said detectives traveled to Muskogee to talk with Stroud but reported few other details.

Officials said the investigation is ongoing. The statement was unclear if there is a search for the kidnapping suspects. When asked by NBC 5, Alan Stroud would not talk about suspects or the investigation.

"She is good, good as to be expected," Alan Stroud said. "It's great. We are thrilled. We are happy she is home."

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