Vanessa Brown

Frisco Teachers Go Door-to-Door Meeting Memorial High Students — All 1,100

Three days before the first bell ever, dozens of Memorial High School teachers gathered supplies on a mission.

"It's extremely exciting. A lot of nervous anticipation building up,” Rheanne Renzenbrink said.

They spent Monday morning going door-to-door, meeting the new faces of Frisco’s tenth high school.

About 1,100 students will walk through the door on Thursday, grades nine through 11 this first year. Monday’s plan was to meet all of them.

“It's kind of a chance to get those first day jitters out of the way before the first day even gets here,” Renzenbrink said.

Armed with a list of 22 addresses, she and fellow teacher, Mitchel Reeder, hit the road. Together, they rang bell after bell, introducing themselves to Memorial’s newest families.

"I was like, 'Oh, this is really cool. Like, I didn't think this was going to happen,'” said incoming freshman, Keyshla Rivera.

The meet and greet helped put many students at ease.

"It helps to have some faces to recognize going through the halls for sure, so I think that's going to be something that's comforting,” said incoming junior, Morgan Kirby.

Her mother appreciated it too.

"I mean, it gives just great comfort knowing that, OK, this is the kind of person my child's gonna be around. This is who I'm sending them off to school to take care of them while they're away from me,” said Trinette Kirby.

"While these might not be my students in my classroom, they're still all our kids. Everyone of us, they are all our kids because we're a family,” Reeder said.

Teachers believe the mission is helping to build communication and trust. Students seemed to get that message loud and clear.

"I see them more as like family [now]. It's like an actual relationship, instead of just like a wall,” said incoming sophomore, Madison Wineburg.

Monday night, students will get the chance to walk the halls of Memorial for the first time. There's an orientation-style open house for them and their parents, beginning at 6 p.m.

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