Frisco Restaurant Closing, Readjusting to Serve Food Differently During Pandemic

Impractical Sandwich shop replaces The Heritage Table during until COVID restrictions are lifted

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What was once a catering trailer for The Heritage Table restaurant in Frisco will now be the front shop for something new from owner Rich Vana.

"From a moral and ethical perspective this was a pretty easy decision,” The Heritage Table owner Rich Vana said. “From a business perspective, it was slightly terrifying."

The patio of The Heritage Table restaurant that will now be Impractical Sandwich and Deli

Vana will run a specialty sandwich shop called Impractical Sandwich from the trailer and kitchen of The Heritage Table. But Vana is closing the restaurant for now because of the pandemic.

"With all the spikes, all the things that keep recurring, it's just not a viable long-term solution to keep doing things the way we've been doing either ethically or from a business perspective," Vana said.

Nefty Gonzalez
The Heritage Table owner Rich Vana speaking with NBC 5 reporter Vince Sims

Vana added that by focusing on specialty sandwiches and serving them outside, he can keep his customers safe.

"People will come up, order their food,” Vana said. “They can sit outside if they like. We'll send in the food from here. If they'd like to wait in their car, we can send it right to them in their car."

But most importantly it keeps some of his staff working.

"At least partially employed,” Vana said. “Maybe not as much as we'd prefer, but hopefully with some success we'll be able to take on all the people we've had to furlough." Vana added, “I feel a responsibility to them to get them back working and get them making a living again."

Nefty Gonzalez
The Heritage Table restaurant on Main St. in Frisco

Vana said this is his plan for now and said The Heritage Table won't reopen until it's safe to do once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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