Frisco Residents Say Concrete Plants are ‘Noisy Neighbors'

Frisco residents are calling out companies they say are noisy neighbors.

They claim concrete plants are making a lot of noise, nearly every day and at all hours of the night, violating city rules regulating when they can operate.

It's the constant churning of concrete, the loading and unloading and the incessant beeping Richard Cheng says keeps him up all night.

"Beeping, heavy machinery, loud clinging, noises just noises that would keep you up," he said.

Work being done at two concrete plants across a field behind his Frisco home isn't a problem during the day, he assures.

But it is a problem in the dead of night.

"1:30 in the morning and they are operating," he said in a cell phone recording on April 16 as he drove by the Argos concrete plant.

In another recording from just this morning, Cheng again captures video of the noise coming from Argos and the nearby Redi-Mix Concrete plant along Highway 121.

"Went out there at 3:41 and recording them on video again," he said. "They're not supposed to be operating per the city of Frisco ordinance between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m."

That's true, according to the city of Frisco.

Police enforce the noise ordinance.

According to the city, police cited Argos three times since March.

The latest citation came this morning after Cheng's call.

Frisco police confirm to NBC 5 they have received multiple complaints about Redi-Mix but no citations have been issued this year, according to the city.

The problem, Cheng claims, is Argos doesn't stop operating even after a visit from police.

"I was told that they were finishing up their last load. That they would cease operations shortly. They never stopped," he said. "Between the time that the officer left the scene at 4:19 and 6 a.m. I called back twice and nothing was being done."

A spokesperson for the corporate Argos company tells NBC 5 the company has taken steps in recent years to address noise complaints, including installing a $500,000 soundproof wall and disabling beeping on heavy equipment.

"If they have taken steps I haven't seen the results," Cheng argues.

Exhausted and frustrated, Cheng wants his neighbors to know they've overstayed their welcome if they do not follow the law.

"This is severely and negatively impacting our lives," he said. "[Argos & Redi-Mix] were here first and I'm not the one breaking the law."

The Frisco police chief thanked Cheng for reporting the noise complaints.

Chief John Bruce said he has spoken with the city manager and city attorney to discuss the next steps which would be a letter demanding compliance.

A Redi-Mix representative did not return NBC 5's request for comment.

Argos spokesperson Jessica Wilganowski released an official statement saying in part: 'we are aware that there have been complaints about the noise level in the area and we will make sure we are operating within the noise ordinance.'

'We invite residents to come to us with their concerns, as we always have, so we can work together to identify the noise and, if possible, correct it, even if the noise is within the permissible limits.'

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