Frisco Red-Light Cameras Back to Watching Drivers

Travis MacKenzie

They're baaaaaack.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, red-light cameras are going up at two busy Frisco intersections.

The city let the contract for the cameras run out in May 2009 after citations -- and fines -- declined.

"So few people were running red lights at that time that collisions were going down so significantly, that the cost of running the cameras were too great to say that we needed them there," Sgt. Adam Henderson said.

Henderson also said the company that was contracted to operate the cameras did not do the job up to the city's standards.

The Legislature also tweaked the rules for red-light cameras. Henderson said the city is taking steps to follow the new rules.

Three cameras are already up at the intersection of Preston and Lebanon roads in the north and south directions. Another camera will face south at Preston Road and Gaylord Parkway.

The cameras will be working later this week, but drivers will get a monthlong grace period if they run a red light.

"Starting this Friday, they'll begin," Henderson said. "For a 31-day period, you're going to be given a warning if you run that red light."

The fine for running a red light is $75.

Henderson said the police department reviews the infractions to make sure the drivers were in violation and that the picture was not taken in error.

"It's no different than speeding," he said. "If you get a ticket for speeding, you're less likely to speed. You're going to slow down because there is that financial hit to your pocketbook."

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