Frisco Police Tweet Video of Red-Light Violation

Police post video captured by red-light camera

Frisco police on Thursday posted red-light camera video of a driver running a red light on its official Twitter page.

The city activated its fourth red-light camera at the end of February. The video the police department tweeted came from a camera that has been running for years at the intersection of Preston and Lebanon roads.

The video shows a dark-colored sedan blowing through the light, never braking. It sails through a space between two larger vehicles that are both attempting to make a legal left turn.

On Twitter, the department applauded the other drivers for being "defensive."

The driver's license plate is not easily visible, but the release of the video doesn't sit well with some residents.

"I wouldn't want to see my video on Twitter at all," Amanda Bosserman said.

"Even though they're breaking the law, you don't need to put them out there," said Lorenzo Figueroa, who cited a right to privacy.

The city has said it plans to activate another red light camera at the intersection of Dallas and Eldorado parkways. A timetable has not been released.

Red light violations carry a $75 fine.

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