Frisco Police Department Talks About Its Partnership With Ring Security Systems

Ring says it has partnered with more than 400 police departments nationwide. That includes many in North Texas, including the Frisco Police Department.

Frisco resident Bill Statzer has used Ring for more than a year now. He likes the idea of Ring partnering with local police departments through the Neighbor App.

"I think it helps them get more evidence to hopefully get the perpetrators off the street," Statzer said.

Frisco Police Department started their partnership with Ring around the first of the year.

"So far it's been quite successful for us," said Frisco Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Evan Mattei.

They've already given video evidence to a federal prosecutor on a stolen packages case.

Frisco Police call this the Neighborhood Watch of the 21st Century.

"If anything this platform has allowed people to become more aware of things that are happening that they might not have been aware of before," Sgt. Mattei said.

Police do not see this as an invasion of privacy because they only get access to video ring users are willing to share.

"No police do not have unfettered, 24-hour access to your cameras," Sgt. Mattei said. "We cannot see your cameras live. The only video we can see is what the end user actually submits to us."

Although some people in the public are worried about privacy. The Statzers don't see it as a concern for them.

"They don't just go around randomly and access your videos or anything if you don't authorize them to do it so," Bill Statzer said. "From that standpoint I'm fine with it."

"If there is bad stuff I want to know," Statzer's wife Kerri Statzer said. "Whatever is going on around the neighborhood I don't think there are privacy issues."

Frisco Police said it's not just limited to Ring users. Homeowners with other security camera systems can also upload their videos to the network if they want to share with the police department.

In a written statement to NBC 5 Ring said, "Ring's mission is to make neighborhoods safer and we believe that when communities work together, safer neighborhoods become a reality."

You can view the interactive map to find out whether or not your area agencies are using Neighbors. Click here.

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