Frisco Passes E-Cigarette Restrictions

City Council voted Tuesday night to pass the ordinance

The Frisco City Council decided Tuesday  to pass an ordinance on the use of electronic cigarettes within city limits.

City Council voted to regulate the sale, possession and use of e-cigarettes by minors and ban the use of e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited.

The ordinance passed after further discussion was tabled from a City Council meeting in January.

At the January meeting, all parties did agree that they wanted to restrict access to minors. They wanted e-cigarettes to assist smokers to quit smoking cigarettes, not attract minors to e-cigarettes.

The city had no statute in place prohibiting the sale, possession or use of electronic vapor cigarettes by minors, prior to Tuesday night's vote.

The amendment to the smoking ordinance would restrict the use of e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine to those age 18 and older. Additionally, those under the age of 18 would not be allowed to possess e-cigarettes or liquid nicotine.

The city is also considering including adding restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes in public places such as restaurants and theaters.

Violators of the ordinance could be subject to a fine of up to $500.

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