Frisco Man Says ID Check Could Stop Credit Card Theft

A week after Plano police released surveillance images of a suspected credit card thief in action, a man claiming to be victimized in the crime is speaking out.

"I don't like being taken advantage of," said David Snell, of Frisco. "I wanted to go after her. And if I don't, she'll hit somebody else who probably won't go after her and it will continue."

Snell said he was out to dinner with family in late January when he noticed his wallet and checkbook were gone.

It only took 23 minutes for charges to start registering — gift cards at Wal-Mart and Target in Plano, as well as liquor purchases.

"Immediately, all these fraud alerts started going off on my phone," he said.

While his credit card company shut down the card, more than $1,500 in damage was done.

Snell said when he finally was able to put a face with that price tag, he really became frustrated.

The person in the surveillance images is a brunette woman, meaning she was allegedly using Snell's cards, bearing his name, with no one questioning her identity or asking for confirmation.

"Not one part of it would have matched up if someone had just asked her for an ID," he said.

Snell maintains part of the responsibility in small-scale identity theft cases comes down to the retailers preventing the crime at the point of sale.

"It would be so easy to stop and it really doesn’t take that long to ask somebody to show a driver's license to match a credit card,” he said. "“They do it for alcohol!"

There have been tips in the investigation, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the woman's identity is asked to contact the Plano Police Department.

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