Frisco City Council

Frisco Leaders Approve New Pet Store Regulations After Undercover Investigation

The new rules come after the Humane Society of the United States claims it found underweight and sick puppies four months ago.

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Frisco city leaders approved new rules to protect dogs and cats as well as prospective pet buyers.

The tougher rules for pet stores and retailers come months after the Humane Society of the United States released video of an undercover investigation at a Petland store in Frisco. The nonprofit claims it found underweight and sick puppies. They also claimed that new owners who bought the puppies were not told that the dog had been sick.

The new city rules, which will take effect in 30 days, require detailed record keeping at all pet stores. If they don't, the stores could face penalties or even lose their permits to sell animals.

"We would very much love to make pets one of your top 10 priorities in the new year and the new decade," one citizen said during the public speaking minutes Tuesday night.

The revised ordinance requires information about feeding, housing, sanitation, veterinary treatment (including names of any medications, worming treatments and/or immunizations) as well as record keeping on the acquisition, transportation and health of the animal while in the pet store. 

"We believe our revised (animal) ordinance is one of the most comprehensive in the state," said Henry Hill, Deputy City Manager. "The improved ordinance is the result of collaboration between city staff, animal advocates, veterinarians, pet retailers, the public and Frisco city leaders. Greater transparency is at the core of the adopted changes. Now, pet stores must provide pet buyers a comprehensive animal history that details information about everything from the breeder to the type of care the animal received while in the pet store."

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