Frisco ISD Closes Tax Building Over Conn. Shooting

Note on door instructs parents paying tax bill to leave payment in drop box

The Frisco school district tax building is closed for the winter break -- but not for reasons most parents are used to hearing.

A note taped to the building tells parents: "Due to the recent events in Connecticut, the FISD administration is requiring us to keep this building locked during the winter break."

In a statement sent late Friday night, Frisco Independent School District spokesman Jamie Driskill said the district decided to keep the building locked during the winter break when the building was not fully occupied because of "security concerns heightened by recent events."

The note on the building tells parents they can drop their payment in a drop box and apologized for the inconvenience.

Driskill said payments are collected daily. Payments are noted as being paid that day, and receipts are then mailed, he said.

The building's note caught Sunil Malik by surprise. The parent was coming to pay his taxes and get a receipt. He said he didn't understand why the building, which is near a middle school but not connected to the classrooms, was closed.

"It says it's a security concern, but the shootings were related to the kids, and it's not a school," he said.

Rejesh Chauhan, another parent, drove up to the building to pay his taxes. He read the sign and thought the note perhaps was a show of compassion for the recent tragedy in Connecticut. But he said he wasn't too pleased about having to drop his check into a drop box.

"If they put this note, I wish they would send a little sweet letter at home telling the exact reason, right?" he said.

Driskill said the district agreed that the note on the building was confusing, saying that a better solution would be determined in the future and communicated better.

The office will be open during its regular hours next week Wednesday through Friday and until noon on Monday, he said.

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