Frisco Detective Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

A former Frisco police detective admitted this week that he had once had sex with the victim in a pending assault case, and that he had also had sex with a witness and a defendant's mother in separate other cases.

Scott Greer resigned in May after police launched an internal investigation. His admissions came to light this week in court this week in a capital murder case he had originally investigated as lead detective, as Collin County prosecutors declined to use him as a witness.

When grilled about his credibility at a hearing Monday, Greer admitted under oath that he had sex once with the victim in a pending misdemeanor assault case, NBC5 media partner the Dallas Morning News reported.

He also testified he had sex with a defendant’s mother in another case. Finally, he admitted meeting a mother of a sex assault victim for sex as well.

The smoking gun in the investigation, however, was a series of emails uncovered by investigators between Greer and a woman who had contacted Frisco Police to file charges she was raped.

Greer was the lead investigator in her case. The emails were suggestive and included naked photos.

Greer did say on the stand he’s “not proud” of his actions, according to the Dallas Morning News report, adding that he’s “made changes” in his life.

Greer had been part of the Frisco Police Department’s criminal investigations division for two years, from 2011 until August 2013. He handled about 170 cases during that time, before a transition to a position as a school resource officer at FISD’s Roach Middle School.

Of those 170 cases, police say four were red-flagged for inappropriate conduct.

"Everything they found was that the work he did involving the criminal investigations was on par and up to standards,” said Frisco Police spokesman Lt. Jason Jenkins. “It was his personal conduct outside of the investigations that was completely unprofessional, unethical and unacceptable."

"We just want to lean on the fact that this was the action of one individual, not the whole department,” Jenkins said. “We don't want this individual's actions to overshadow the great work the men and women of our department do on a daily basis."

Greer is not facing any criminal charges.

He was dishonorably discharged from the department, which Jenkins says will likely make it difficult for him to get another job in law enforcement.

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